School, all its downsides

Sammy Popham, staff writer

So I started high school about a month ago.  I was nervous but excited. I was nervous about the seniors and anyone taller than me, which was a lot of people. I also thought CMR would be fun, exciting, and easy to learn. After the first few days however, I quickly discovered some things I did not like about high school.

  1. Some people walk really, really slow. I understand some kids aren’t thrilled about going to science, but come on. I can’t balance on the edge of a step on the stairs for your convenience.
  2. No matter which way I turn all I see is brick. Nothing to show me where I am. Sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off when I’m running around trying to find my next class.  Can’t they have neon signs telling me where to go? That would make things a lot easier.
  3. The lunch line is just too long. Putting hungry teenagers in a line of about thirty kids and telling them to wait patiently for their food is like trying to control a pack of starving animals. We should either have more lines or more lunch periods.
  4. As a growing teenager I believe we need more time for lunch. Half an hour is not long enough. I cannot eat all my food in 30 minutes without choking. So, we need a longer lunch because a short lunch period is a safety issue.
  5. For me, there are way too many stairs in this school. Why do any of us need to participate in gym class when we have all those stairs?