Getting hooked on books

Paige Maurer, staff writer

“She stands there helplessly with her long, blonde hair flowing in the wind; her once perfectly done make up slowly running down her cheeks.”

You can imagine that in your head perfectly, right? Yeah, that’s what I love about books. I absolutely love watching movies, and to me books are just movies in words. There has always been something about books that gets me hooked right away.

For example, for my quarterly book reading for ORB, I started reading is Tracie Puckett’s Webster Grove series. The first book of the series is “New Girl.” After the first few chapters of this book I was instantly tuned in. The second is “Under the Mistletoe,” then comes “Secrets to Keep,” “Coming Out,” and “All Good Things.”

After the fifth book in the series was over, I had to rush and buy the next one as soon as I could. Eventually, all of them turned into that. As soon as I finished one, I just HAD to start the next. There was something about that series that makes me wanting more.

Much like my favorite kind of movies, I like books that have a mix of action, comedy, and romance. This series was perfect for that.

If I had to give this series a rating, it would by far be a five-star review. I recommend this series greatly.