Ahead of the Class


Like most seniors, James Pollock is taking fewer classes to enjoy his final year at CMR. The only difference is that he is taking four Advanced Placement classes, and his fourth year of Spanish. He spends one of his open periods studying in the media center; he is by no means taking it easy.
“My biggest challenge is balancing college application work with high school,” he said.
On top of the fact that Pollock is taking five classes, he works and volunteers outside of school hours. He works as a bagger at the Commissary on base, although he is not actually a paid worker. Pollock also volunteers as both a youth soccer coach during season, and as a director of single airman activities for those airman who live alone while at Malmstrom.
While many students might say that their biggest struggle this year will be their math class, Pollock is confident in that area. He is taking calculus for a second time, and he believes it will be the class he does the best in.