The day in the life of Ethan Williams.


Photo by Nancy Beston

Nancy Beston, Photo/Design editor

Freshman Ethan Williams is similar to his fellow peers: he wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to school, and attends classes. This may seem like a typical schedule for a high school freshman, but Williams has a passion that affects his schedule. He is a very dedicated Saxophone player in the Maverick band and Pep band.

“I wake up with crippling self doubt about my musical skills, even though I have talent. I eat breakfast. I leave my house by 6:40. I get to school and chill in the band room for an hour. I go to normal classes and back to the band room for band,” Williams said. “I then continue with other classes and once school is done. I stay in the band room for two hours practicing. I get picked up and go to my private sax lesson. Do that for another hour. Then I come home and practice more. Pass out from exhaustion and do it all again.”

He began playing the Saxophone during his fourth grade year but became extremely passionate about it during his eighth grade year.

“I really enjoy putting hard work into something and seeing a result from that. Things such as concerts or solos. I like concerts because I like seeing a large group of people all combine the team effort to contribute to a final product. Solos make me able to hear how you have learned and all the work you put into it really shows then.”