Veronica Evenson’ shares her final goodbye


Lauren Mohler, Russellog Staff

Veronica Evenson’s journey through high school has been eventful, and she is looking forward to what her future will consist of. Today, as she prepares to graduate, she looks back on her expectations of high school and what she had thought going into it.

 “I thought that it was going to be better than middle school, and in many ways it was. We were allowed to have freedom, no more lining up, no more recess, and no more teachers breathing down our neck about phones or homework,” Evenson said. “I was also at the time excited for pep assemblies. The only thing I was scared of was finals, but the older you get the less they mean to your final grade because you learn how to study and work during the actual year.”

She signed up for many classes that she liked, and she said she would recommend them to underclassmen. 

“Yearbook has been a major part of my high school life, and even though I loved all of the ups and downs about it, my all-time favorite class was forensics. It gives you a second look at life situations. It was interesting to learn that almost all of the forensic movies are not true at all on how you would handle cases,” Evenson said.

Evenson’s favorite year of high school was her last.

“My senior year is my favorite by far. I gained so many true friendships, had amazing teachers, and had a great softball season,” she said. “My first three years made me into who I am today from everything that I have learned. I matured as a responsible and hard-working student-athlete.”

As for what she would change about her high school experience, Evenson said, “I would change so much, but it’s not important anymore. After I walk on the graduation stage I will be on the path to my future, and my old decisions — good and bad in high school — will no longer matter to me.”

Her final farewell to CMR is to give some advice to the underclassmen.

“Work hard, stay positive, no drama, and be yourself. If you’re true to yourself, others will be true to you as well. Explore your options, join clubs, sports, music. Make a name for yourself. Take these four years and make them enjoyable; you only get the high school experience once. Make it count,” she said.

She is pursuing her dreams by attending cosmetology school.

“I have decided to go to Montana Academy of Salons. I found a passion for hair, nails, and makeup that gave me confidence day to day, and I would love to give other girls confidence in the future when I own a salon of my own. But for now just like jumping the hoop of grade school, I have to jump the hoop of cosmetology school as well to get where I want to go,” Evenson said. 

All in all, Evenson said she is ready to make her dreams of cosmetology as a little girl come true in the real world. She said she can’t wait to see where her life will take her in this new chapter of her adulthood.