Allen to attend the University of Montana to study criminology


Amber Kegel, Russellog Staff

Senior Madison Allen, a varsity basketball player and track athlete, reminisces on a fun four years and her plans for the future. 

“I’m headed to Missoula to attend the University of Montana to study criminology,” she said. 

Criminology is the study of crime and why people commit crimes. The University of Montana offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Criminology concentration. 

“[I’m most looking forward to] seeing a new environment and new people,” Allen said. 

Like most high school seniors, Allen is looking forward to the change in surroundings at the university. 

Looking back on her time in high school, Allen says that she cannot pick a favorite memory. Between sports and other activities she has done so much that she says she will remember.  

“There’s too many [good] memories for me because any great memory I have with my friends from sports, to yearbook, to just hanging out during lunch, assemblies or during class,” she said.

Allen’s advice for the incoming freshmen is to have fun and enjoy the simple things in high school. 

“Once you walk through that door it’ll be like [you are] graduating the very next day. It goes by fast, so don’t waste your time on stupid stuff. Get involved and have fun.”