Amdahl lives life in the fast lane


Jacob Stoneman, Russellog Staff

Sterling Amdahl will be graduating this year from C. M. Russell High 

School.  Looking back, Sterling made a lot of memories and friends at CMR.  

One thing he said he is going to miss is hanging out with the boys and going to lunch with them. He said one of his favorite parts was the feeling he got before lunch started.

 “One of my favorite memories will be the feeling before getting out of class and going to lunch with the boys and seeing who could get lunch first or get back first and race,” he said, adding that it will be the smaller things that will end up meaning the most.

Amdahl’s friends played a big part in his high school experience.

  “They made high school super enjoyable and easier to actually want to go to school. I knew that as long as the boys were at school there was never going to be a dull moment,” Amdahl said. Making good strong friendships can really support you throughout high school and help you make countless memories, he added.

 “I have so many memories where we were laughing uncontrollably, working on cars together, goofing off in class,  lifting in weight training or even dodgeball in the gym. They definitely made my four years at CMR a lot better, and I’m happy to know I’ve made some lifelong friends during my time spent here as well,” Amdahl said. He thanks his friends for all the memories and endless laughter they brought him.

Amdahl’s two favorite teachers were John Davis and Leanne Williams. 

“They made my experience at CMR a lot more fun and worked with me and overall made my time in their classes a lot better and more enjoyable,“ he said.  “If I was able to have them as teachers one more time I would. [They are] definitely two teachers I won’t forget, and I thank them for making my year easier and enjoyable.”

Junior year was his favorite year of high school as he enjoyed going online for the second half of the year and said the free time was nice not having to worry about school. 

“Going online made school a lot easier for me,” Amdahl said.

In his four years of high school and with his last coming to an end, he reflected on some of his favorite experiences — sports. He played hockey and some other sports throughout high school, and he also spent some of his free time lifting in the gym.

He said the experience of both playing and going to different sporting events was great, including cold, windy weather at Memorial Stadium and going to basketball games where students went wild in the student section.

Amdahl said that he appreciates the time spent at CMR and thanks everyone who made it easier for him. He said that he will miss the school, but he is excited to start a new chapter of his life and see what the road ahead has in store for him.