Senior Raegan Osentowski aims to work in the National Park Service


Taylor Kolsch, Russellog Staff

Senior Raegan Osentowski is ready for her future in the National Park Service. 

“I plan to work abroad for the National Park Service,” she said, adding that she sees herself in that career in another 20 years. Osentowski has committed to attend The University of Montana for the 2021 fall semester and continue to explore her love of the Earth. 

The four years Osentowski attended CMR she learned how to have fun but also work.

 “Freshmen should remember to work hard on schoolwork but also find time to participate in fun events,” she said. 

Senioritis was definitely a problem for her. By the end of the four years, Osentowski felt the lack of motivation, but she knew that still working was worth it at the end of day. The stereotype of senior year being the easiest year isn’t wrong, Osentowski believes. She did find some challenges, however.

 “The most challenging task as a senior was finding time to enjoy the school year while balancing school, work and scholarships.”