Grasseschi goes from making noise to making music

Standing behind a black marimba while holding a pair of mallets, freshman Teresa Grasseschi reminisces about her early days in music.


“When I was young, I played a lot of instruments,” she said. “Hitting on a bunch of drums seemed very entertaining.”


She finally had a chance to pursue her interest during her fifth grade year. After four years, Grassechi said she noticed that she has grown from banging on items around the house to actually creating music.


As a freshman, she is taking a class called Percussion Ensemble.


“It’s fun because you get to [practice] music in class without having to practice at home,” Grasseschi said.


Out of all the percussion instruments, she said that mallets are her favorite because she likes to hear melody. Her least favorite percussion instrument was triangle, because it’s boring Grasseschi said.


Overall, she said she really enjoys playing percussion and plans to continue throughout her high school years.