Metge expresses his thoughts on teaching

Over the course of his 29 years in teaching, Murray Metge has witnessed many student victories.

Murray Metge is a freshman science teacher and a drivers education instructor. Murray says the best part of his job is when students get “that ah-ha moment;” while studying a topic. The whole reason Metge said he made this his career because he wanted to make a difference.

While these things usually go unsaid, it is safe to say he has impacted many lives. Metge says that the STEAM expo is his favorite part of the year.

“Seeing students…when they try to be professional,” Metge said. Metge feels that CMR is a good place to learn and teach. He says that the teachers and administration focus on education more than anything else. Metge says that he believes that the students can connect with the teachers fairly easily. While working here for many years, Metge says teaching offers inspiration.

One problem that he has witnessed in the school the past few years is that there are many distractions. This makes it harder for students to become inspired. Metge further said that cell phones often take away students attention from learning.

Murray Metge has witnessed many victories and will continue to be a big part of many students’ lives.