Haag’s sabbatical spurs new employment and recreation


Photo by Aziel Reinke

Shana Fronsee, Staff writer

In the spring of 2018, math teacher Matthew Haag took a break from teaching. During the summer before returning to the home of the Rustlers, however, he tried something new and enjoyed it.

“I worked as a salesman,” Haag said. “[I sold] used, pre-owned vehicles.”

Haag sold cars from June 2018 to June 2019 before spending the rest of his summer working on a house and being with his family.

“My wife and I are flipping the house,” he said. “We’re going to rebuild it before selling it.”

Haag has four kids of his own, and his sabbatical allowed him to spend more time with them and his wife. Over the summer, he likes to go to Otter Creek with the family. He said that it’s easier for his kids to catch the fish by themselves there, and it’s exciting for them.

Haag student taught at CMR in 2014, and he decided he wanted to become a teacher after he graduated from Helena Capital High School.

“I really enjoyed the staff and students here at CMR and I enjoyed how things work, so I knew I wanted to come back and work here,” Haag said. “It’s refreshing to be back at CMR.”

In addition to teaching, he also takes part in helping with an extracurricular activity his sons take part in.

“My boys just started Boy Scouts this year, so we’re busy with that [and] we’re doing popcorn sales,” Haag said. “I’m excited to do things like pinewood derby with them coming up this year.”