Seekins seeks diversity in the classroom

Breanna Hyatt

Having taught for about 13 years, Jon Seekins has quite a bit of experience. He grew up in Great Falls and graduated from CMR.

Before coming to CMR as a staff member, he taught for one year at North Middle School and nine years at Great Falls High. This is his third year as a Rustler.

Most teachers normally specialize in one subject, but Seekins currently teaches history and one math class.

“It’s nice to be able to teach history throughout the day then have a nice break to be able to switch to math. Both are enjoyable to teach,” Seekins said. “I enjoy the diversity of the curriculum.”

Seekins admits he has a favorite class to teach.

“I like all aspects of history, U.S. government and concepts found in the Constitution. I find it’s a well written deep philosophical document that shaped our government.”