McEwen becomes Ingeman

Maygie Li, Staff Writer

It is official! Holly McEwen got married, and had a name change that has shocked her friends, students and peers.

What started as a shopping market meet up, lead to the beginning of Ingeman’s love story.

“It’s so lame; we both shop at Smiths, [so] it kind of started there, and I was like sure we can go get some coffee,” Ingeman said.

Ingeman and her husband decided to take the relationship gradually.

“It started off really slow. it wasn’t love at first sight like, oh I can’t live without you. It was more like oh we grocery shop together, and we go to a movie, or I would make dinner, or he would make dinner and bring it into town.” Falling in love right off the bat didn’t happen, but slowly and surely Ingeman was positive she made the right choice.

Getting married was simple for Ingeman, and she wasn’t worried whatsoever, but the name change had her hands tied.

“That was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. That’s the thing I fretted about. I didn’t fret about getting married; I knew I was making the right decision,” Ingeman said. “I wasn’t at all nervous; I was super excited, but changing my name was hard.”

Ingeman has been teaching for more than 10 years and she’s been McEwen ever since she started teaching. “It’s who I am, and professionally I’ve been McEwen my whole professional career.” Ingeman said.

But whatever Ingeman’s name is, her friends, and students all support her choice in the  decision, and Ingeman doesn’t mind what her students call her.