Metge reminisces the memories of his year

At the end of the year, most teachers are sad that the year is over, but also excited for preparing for next year. For Murray Metge, he is only excited for next year.

“It’s been an average year. It has not been bad, but it has not been great, only good,” Metge said.

Metge stated that because school was going a week later, he is frustrated, and because Metge had a few annoying classes, so it has been difficult. Metge said that he had way more laziness from this year’s freshman class.

“Every year, I have students that I know can do really  well, but chose not to, especially this year. That has been very disappointing to me,” he said.

Metge said that the Stem research project was frustrating at the start of the project, because he had to watch how little effort kids put in. Even though the research project was disappointing to Metge, the Stem Expo was a great memory.

“The students enjoy the work they did, even though it was hard work,” Metge said.

In fact, the reason he likes new school years is this reason.  Metge said he looks forward to meeting new students, doing new experiments, and having new experience.