Soldano stepping up to the role as Associate Principal

Leaving CMR as a graduate in 1997 and returning years later as an associate principal, Paul Soldano is happy to see the CMR traditions still flooding the halls.


“Being back after a few years and still seeing all of the CMR traditions and pride fill the hallways is my favorite part,” Soldano said.


After he learned that former Associate Principal Brian Held had moved over to Great Falls High School, Soldano was on the district website and saw the opening. He applied and interviewed, and soon enough he would return to his alma mater.


He attended college at MSU Bozeman,  where he pursued a teaching career. He was a math teacher at Great Falls High School and Helena Capital. He then became a student service advocate at North Middle School during the 2014-2015 year.


“As being the new guy around town, well actually I wouldn’t say that, being the new guy around the building, my biggest goal is to get to know the staff,” Soldano said. “I also want to meet the students and support them as much as I can.”


Soldano said that all students should become involved with the school as much as they can.