Baldwin demonstrates the power of English

Growing up with a teacher for a parent meant English teacher Kristi Baldwin spent  a great deal of her childhood in school buildings.

Although art may have been her favorite subject in school, Baldwin discovered her love for English with the help of a great English teacher in high school. After knowing she wanted to pursue a career as an English teacher, she headed to Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, where she got earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, then went to the University of South Dakota to pursue her doctorate.

Other than loving the subject Baldwin gets to teach part time, she has a great appreciation for the students’ creativity and Rustler mentality. Baldwin said she knows how important the skills learned in English class are to all students.

“The skills in English language arts are used in every other content area and in every post-secondary option that exists,” she said. “Being able to read, write, listen, and speak effectively can positively influence your entire life.”