Math teacher shares his experience about learning

Math may not be everyone’s best subject, but Steve Skaer enjoyed it in high school.

“I knew I wanted to become a teacher, but I didn’t know what I would teach,” he said.

Skaer graduated from CMR in 1996, but he wasn’t advanced in the math classes he took.

“I took the average math classes when I was in school,” Skaer said.

When he attended Montana State University, he originally wanted to become an elementary teacher.

“I switched from elementary teacher to a math teacher because I wanted to have a conversation with the people I was going to be teaching,” he said.

After he graduated from MSU, he came back to Great Falls and taught at Great Falls High School for 10 years.

“This is my fifth year at CMR,” Skaer said, adding that his favorite part of the school is the faculty and the students.

“They are both pretty awesome and fun to meet,” he said.

There is one thing Skaer would like students to know about the math department.

“Try to get to know your math teacher. Each one of us has a different personality.”