Quirky teacher hands out stickers

Most teachers don’t hand out stickers for good grades, but Christine Sundly does it every day. The Biology 3-4 teacher credits this fun reward to her personality.

“I try to enjoy every single day,’ she said. Sundly achieves this through not just her fun, funky stickers but also by playing fun music while the students work, such as Disney or pirates music.

Sundly is a kid at heart and believes most kids want the quirky experience in her classroom.

“If I enjoy it you guys might as well,” she said.

She has been teaching for 20 years and 19 of them have been at CMR. Before being a biology teacher she taught seventh and eighth grade earth science, applied science, Biology 1-2, and credit recovery.

When she went to Chippewa Falls Senior High School, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, she had a biology teacher who made the class difficult, whereas her band teacher was a great influence.

“I had both a negative and a positive inspiration,” Sundly said. This led her to look towards a teaching career. It also taught her not to change her teaching. Along with being herself throughout the entire year.