CMR librarian reminisces of days as a park ranger

Interacting with 3,000 people in a visitor center every day is not an easy job, but it was just one of the many duties Cortney Reedy performed as a park ranger.

“There were so many opportunities that I got to experience,” she said. “There was so much to offer.”

Reedy is currently an assistant library media center secretary at CMR. However, she was previously a park ranger for national parks including Yellowstone and Craters of the Moon in Idaho.

She had many duties which included talking with visitors, observing nature as the seasons changed, and giving tours. She also guided backcountry hikers and gave boat tours. 

“I miss having an active role outside,” Reedy said. 

Reedy greatly enjoyed her position and felt it was the best way for her to utilize her degrees. She majored in environmental education and interpretation with a minor in law enforcement. 

“I enjoy the natural resources and thought [the job] was a better way to protect them,” she said. 

Reedy does try to remain active in nature as much as possible, despite her new job at the high school. She moved to Great Falls for her husband’s employment opportunity, but unfortunately cannot continue her job as a ranger in a smaller town. 

“It’s a challenging field to work in if your location is affected by someone else,” she said. “I miss it.”

Reedy and her husband are outside camping nearly every weekend, and she credits her outdoor skills to her park ranger position.