A noteworthy artist announces new music


Holly Spragg, Online Editor

I can confidently say I am a Harry Styles stan. Like any other girl in 2011, the boy band called One Direction stole my heart almost instantly.  

As I grew up, I slowly lost my child-like infatuation with the British heartthrobs. I did not care for long-haired Harry Styles. I knew none of their songs unless they were played on the radio, and I didn’t even care when Zayn Malik left the band (however, now I can see where all the heartbreak came from). 

Flash forward five years. The X-Factor band broke up and ended its reign over the boyband charts in 2016.  I will admit it hurt my heart to learn of the separation, but it didn’t put too much strain on my emotions.

Flash forward one year from that and Harry Styles stopped the world with his self-titled album in May 2017.  He graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine along with the Another Man publication. The pink and flower-infused water and the back of his head had fans everywhere listening.  His songs were different from those he performed with three other boys, taking on explicit messages and concepts with deeper meaning.  

He started his world tour in September of that year and never ceased to amaze the crowds.  Clad in a different, extravagant, and some custom designer suits (even sporting a kilt once), he shocked audiences with his incredible solo vocals. I sadly did not join in on the excitement until the near end of his traveling, but it wouldn’t have mattered because his tickets averaged $147 for the “cheap seats.” But for good reason — he never disappointed.

With only 10 songs on his album, some fans worried about what the concert would entail, but he did not shy away from his boy-band past, performing such songs as the iconic “What Makes You Beautiful” with a small personalized twist to it, “Stockholm Syndrome,” and the tear-jerking “If I Could Fly.”  All the boys have performed a One Direction song or two at their performances, giving OT5 and OT4 hopefuls a chance to believe they meant their infamous 18-month hiatus.

He has grown close with Rock n’ Roll icon Stevie Nicks, being called her ‘little muse’ by the artist herself.  During his concerts he brought out artists such as Kacey Musgraves.  

He recently announced his new tour “Love on Tour,” a clever play on words compared to his last title – Harry Styles Live on Tour.  He started off all the excitement with the release of his newest song, “Lights Up.” Following the pattern of his last album, he released a song and then starred on a TV talk show.  He spent a week on The James Corden show in 2017 and is completing Double Duty on Saturday Night Live.

Now, with the announcement of his tour, I have the stressful duty of trying to grab tickets before they disappear. Thankfully, I have friends who are just as excited and know how these types of things work.  The only thing on my mind right now is trying so save up enough money to experience Harry Styles in concert, and I am so ready for it.