The TikTok accounts that will get you through quarantine


Grace Carr, Editor in Chief

TikTok: the app that keeps students from finishing their work on time and getting to bed at a decent hour. Yet, in the midst of a world pandemic and school year destruction, it is also a source of closure. 

TikTok is “the destination for short-form mobile videos,” as described by the company’s website. There are videos ranging from comedy to “POV” to tutorials. There’s just something about watching another teenager DIY an old pair of jeans that makes a nationwide quarantine seem slightly more bearable.

As an experienced TikTok viewer, I have been through my fair share of accounts — both popular and little known. Below is a list of 12 TikTok accounts that have brought me joy over the past two months.



For those who miss catching the famous YouTubers four minute and 20 second vlogs every week, David Dobrik keeps you updated on his daily quarantine life using TikTok. So far he’s pranked Natalie, pulled off some shocking tricks, and surprised everyone with a new roommate. His account is just a shorter version of his typical YouTube videos we all are missing.



What’s cuter than a corgi in a backpack? Nothing. Watch Max fall asleep, bop to music, and enjoy tons of cuddles from the comfort of his owner’s backpack as he adventures throughout the city.



Okay, okay, do not question my judgement on this one. I know a 16-year-old dressing in bedazzled outfits and wearing a giant bow in her hair does not seem like quality entertainment. However, she does give the perfect dose of empowerment we all need. Each video features Siwa being herself: a very rich and confident teenager who loves her work and does not let the negative comments overtake her hard work.



Getting lonely during quarantine? Well, this account will not make you feel better about your relationship status, but it does give you something to dream of. This adorable couple films their life in quarantine together, and it is the cutest pairing I have ever seen. Does it make me jealous and crave a relationship like theirs? Absolutely. Does it also raise my boyfriend standards to an impossible level? One-hundred percent.



Creator of the famous Rosa character, Adam Ray, can only be described as iconic. If you liked the “You got a dollar?” sound, you are sure to love his other videos.



All these TikToks about what they eat for breakfast and their daily workout routine are hard to watch as you eat chips from your bed. But don’t be too hard on yourself. A majority of these videos are unrealistic and, frankly, not always good for your body. Leanne is your official TikTok dietician who posts tips everyday on how to improve your health without sacrificing a large portion of your daily – and realistic – lifestyle. My favorite tip so far: use portion control because cutting out certain foods is not the answer.



Why is the world “smiley” in his username? Because he is bound to make you smile. Well, and it’s his last name, but that’s beside the point. Dalton is best known for his imitation videos mocking various stereotypes, including celebrities complaining during quarantine and strict moms named Karen who are obsessed with Lysol.



Like myself, I am sure most of you are itching to escape your house and take a vacation as soon as it is safe to travel again. Michael Matti is a travel photographer who will show you just the destinations to hit. He’ll rank his favorite mountain ranges on the East Coast or give you the best loop road trips to take in Washington — all with beautiful photos to go alongside them.



For all my foodies out there, Newt is the guy for you. From the comfort of his home, this 21-year-old creates restaurant-style recipes that are easy to whip up in your own kitchen. Some are as fancy as a spicy chicken katsu sandwich. Others are simple snickerdoodles. My favorites are the recipes that satisfy your craving to eat out like garlic parmesan knots.



Have you been scrolling on TikTok way too long and seen a few cringey TikToks? Well, Bo has too and he feels you pain. He duets these less-than-pleasing videos so the two of you can react together. They are still hard to watch, but at least there is someone to suffer with you.



This account is for the girls looking for make-up, hair, and outfit inspiration. They feature DIY clothing projects, the best hair products, and even cute poses for all those mirror selfies. @style will have you ready for your next online shopping spree. 



This account is for all the sports lovers who love a good highlights compilation. They will either make your jaw drop in awe or make you say “ooooooo” while wincing in pain for the players.