Joe Rogan soothes as COVID worsens 

Joe Rogan soothes as COVID worsens 

David Mitchell, Stampede Staff Writer

Due to the increased isolation as a result of COVID-19, I’ve been longing for something to lighten the mood. Luckily, over the past several months, I’ve become obsessed with The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast created by comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan’s podcast has a way of making listeners feel comfortable immediately. The setup is always him and a few other guests, often his close friends, and his tech boy Jamie. Sometimes he’ll have on celebrities, but I’ve found that the most relaxing podcasts to be the ones where he’s just chilling with his friends.

The conversations that take place are reminiscent of conversations my friends and I would have. It’s just a group of guys talking about whatever comes to their mind in addition to what’s going on in the world. Whenever conversations get too out of control, Rogan always has a way of bringing them back to somewhat normal.

For people looking for something a little crazier, Rogan has plenty of insane friends with outlandish views. Whether it’s someone who believes the earth is flat or someone who thinks the government is run by a bunch of monkeys, there’s something for everybody.

On the other side, sometimes Rogan will have on very level-headed people like Andrew Yang or Bernie Sanders. 

No matter who the guests are, Rogan always finds a way to make his podcast entertaining and fun to listen to.