Travel bug bites senior Hannah Swant

Jennifer Verzuh

For one day over a weekend senior Hannah Swant says she hopes to go to Minneapolis and back to do some shopping at the Mall of America.

“I fly free. My biological father is a pilot for Delta,” Swant said. “It’s actually really nice. Nobody else can do that on a whim.”

                By “that” she means go on daily excursions, such as her planned day trip to Minneapolis, or the time she flew to Seattle because she was “bored.”

                Due to the free airfare she receives, she travels a lot, including to locations outside the United States. She has been to Paris, Venice, and Cairo.

                “We’re power vacationers. We don’t sleep, we just go,” Swant said. “I love traveling and I love researching other places and other cultures.”

                Swant especially enjoys visiting museums, as she said she likes “seeing history but not reading about it,” she said.

                “The Louvre is one of my favorite places; it’s really cool,” she said.

                In the future, Swant hopes to continue traveling.

                “I’m going to study abroad for sure. In college I really want to spend half a semester in Switzerland and half a semester in Spain,” she said. “(And ) my goal is to go to China and walk on the Great Wall.”

                Swant’s love of travel and different cultures has helped her in her career choice.

                “I want to be a professor in college, and I want to teach something related to international studies,” Swant said.

                Currently she is a freshman at the University of Great Falls. Her major is international relations and her minor is European studies. Next year she will be continuing her studies at Carroll College.