Student reflects on experience in CMR Drama department

Kaitlin Mosely, Staff Writer

Thespian and sophomore Lillian McGinn is not the stereotype most people think drama people are.

“Anyone can be a drama kid,” McGinn said.

Thespian is a big deal for drama people. Every hour they help out drama gets them a point, and once they get 10 points they become a thespian.

At the end of the year all the thespians get together. The new thespians have to recite the National Anthem in front of everyone and sign a certificate that has the year they became one.

McGinn has been a part of the drama department since her freshman year. Last year she said she didn’t know if she liked drama and was trying to figure things out, and she was only in one play.

This year, however, she got more involved by auditioning for more plays. She made it into two plays even though one of them, “Romeo and Juliet”, was canceled. She said she really wanted to get more involved and help out the department the best way she could.

McGinn said she wants to continue with drama for the rest of her years in high school. She’s not sure if she wants to do it in college, but if she decides to, she’s not going to major in it.

Drama helps with her fear of getting up and speaking in front of people, she added. 

“I like drama because it helps me release motions I hold in, and it’s the one place I can be myself.”