Ashleigh Lehostky


Caroline Perkins, Stampede Reporter

Getting active and taking full advantage of her first year at C.M. Russell High School wasn’t difficult for freshman Ashleigh Lehotsky.

Starting in elementary school Lehotsky played in the school band and continued to play in the high school symphonic band. Currently playing the bass clarinet, Lehotsky said it wasn’t the first instrument she learned to play. While actually starting on the clarinet, when the option to play bass clarinet appeared she jumped at it.

In addition to both of those instruments, Lehotsky also managed to learn how to play the tenor saxophone.

While playing these instruments for years, she said she has given them names, not including the clarinet because it’s not good enough for one.

“The tenor sax is named­­­­­­­ Kianus. He’s a Jupiter,” she said.

Band isn’t her only activity. Track caught her attention in middle school, and it is still a sport she is passionate about.

“I fell in love–they’re my friends,” Lehotsky said, referring to shot-put, discus and javelin.

Having a family with an athletic background influenced Lehotsky to try out for track and volleyball.

“I have a pretty athletic family…my mom played volleyball, my dad played football and track, and my bro did football and track,” she said.

Lehotsky referred to track as a sport she enjoys, especially when she’s throwing javelin.

“I feel like a harpoon whale killer.”