Cassie Storm

Moving to Great Falls helped one CMR singer get to where she is today.

“I moved to Great Falls in second grade and I met a girl who sang at church. I admired her and she taught me how to sing,” freshman Victoria Spiewak said.

Spiewak likes singing so much she has taken it to a new level.

Spiewak traveled to Seattle on April 20, 2011 to try out for X-Factor, a singing competition judged by three professionals and occasionally the fans. Contestants sing for the chance to win $5 million and a recording contract.

Spiewak is into a lot of music, but she loves singing “All Time Low.” For her audition, which she said was a crazy experience, she performed “Remembering Sunday” by the band.

“The set–up was 24 booths with a judge in each one,” she said. “Everyone was a family because everyone got the chance to know each other by waiting to get into the audition.”

Spiewak is going to audition again later this year in the hopes of achieving her dream.