Gaining work ethic in high school


Caitlin Soltesz, Stampede Reporter

Being called “The Newbie” is not a very endearing nickname.

For seventeen- year-old Katelyn Kempa it is enjoyable to put on her uniform every afternoon and go to work at Scheels.

“It’s taught me a lot, from time management to responsibility,” Kempa said. She started working as a cashier about four months ago, and has really enjoyed it.

“The uniform is very specific, you have to have it all ironed and looking professional every day,” she said.

It was her personal choice to apply for the job to keep her busy, but to also earn some extra cash.

“The job is either very exciting or very boring,” Kempa said.

It also takes a lot of mental energy and focus, she said.

“I still only work four days a week so I still have time for social activities,” she said.

Kempa says she plans to keep working at Scheels until graduation next year.

“It has taught me so many things in only a short period of time.”