Mirror image reveals girl who is more than she appears


Jennifer Boushee, Stampede Reporter

At first glance, Kendra Hix appears to be an average teenage girl, whether it’s keeping up on school work, having to deal with drama and relationships, or simply coming to the realization that you can’t please everyone.

A social butterfly at school, when at home, she’s merely a caterpillar hiding in her cocoon.

“Most of the time I’m really outgoing, then I go home and don’t talk to anyone,” Hix said.

She admits that alone time is definitely a necessity in her life, but she loves spending time with her family as well. Hix is also very passionate about people.

“If I was a millionaire, I would have myself an airplane and ride to third-world countries to help those people,” Hix said.

She has recently gone on a trip to Mexico. It sounded like an amazing experience. Hix described it as a great atmosphere, everyone was so happy. She also added that the stereotype of Mexican people being lazy is completely incorrect.

“Those people are some of the hardest workers I’ve seen,” Hix said.

Being the type of person seeing “the glass half full,” Hix is very caring, has compassion for people, and is also very thankful for what she has, even if she doesn’t have it all.

“Sometimes I wish I had something different, but if I didn’t have the life I have, I would just be like everyone else.”