Swimming, swinging after her dreams


Katelyn Kempa, Stampede Reporter

Most people find their sports niche on a field or in the water, but for Caitlin Soltesz she has no problem catching a ball or diving off the block.

“My teammates and the bonding are my favorite part of sports,” Soltesz said.

Soltesz has lived in Great Falls, Montana her whole life, attending Meadowlark Elementary, North Middle School, and is now a freshman at CMR. She spends her free time playing center field for the CMR girls’ softball team and swimming on varsity for Great Falls.

She has played softball for eleven years has swam for six. Soltesz enjoys both her teams and says that she has “made so many friends and we all get along really well.”  As for being on a winning team for state swimming, Soltesz said “it was cool being on a varsity sport and winning state.” Soltesz also said her coach Ed McNamee was a “really good coach.”

She also has hopes for going out of state and attending the University of Washington for college.

“I know I would have to work really hard but it’s where I want to go.”