The beaches are calling for Montana native


Kimberly Michelsen, Stampede Reporter

Living in a great city like Great Falls, one would think there’s no place better, but for Mikayla Reddick life wouldn’t be complete without a trip to someplace new.

                “I like being able to see new things and getting out of my comfort zone in Montana,” Reddick said.

                Reddick said that she loves vacationing so much that she goes somewhere almost every summer. She’s been to both the Florida and Oregon coast and said her favorite vacationing spot would have to be the beach.

                Her first experience on a beach was on the fabulous island of Hawaii.

                “I was really little when we went, so I don’t remember a lot. I like the atmosphere though,” she said.

                Just being somewhere away from home isn’t enough. While she’s away Reddick said she wants to “try scuba diving and surfing because a lot of my friends said it was really fun.”

                Reddick’s dreams would be complete if she could travel to Bora Bora or Tahiti. She has seen pictures of them and fell in love immediately.

                “I want to stay in an island resort,” Reddick said, “because when you step outside you’re right on the ocean.”