The thing that gets her soul singing is music


Mikayla Reddick


Some kids have sports and some have clubs, but for 16-year-old Kim Michelsen, music is what it’s all about.


“I like to say that music is in my soul,” Michelsen said.


Michelsen has been singing ever since she can remember and playing flute for about seven years. Even when she is not playing an instrument, she says that she is constantly making rhythms in her head or with her hands.


“Even during school, I hum. Some people think it’s annoying, but I just can’t stop,” Michelsen said.


Unlike many musicians, however, Michelsen doesn’t sing the latest hits that you hear on the radio. She makes all of her music up as she goes.


“The words are forgotten as soon as they leave my lips, so I can’t write them down,” Michelsen said. “It usually tends to be quiet and peaceful music.”


Surprisingly enough, Michelson said that she doesn’t listen to much music—she just makes it.


She said that she doesn’t know where she would be today without music.


“I really love music, and I don’t think I could live without it.”