Weidmann reflects on foriegn experience


Zach Pottratz, Stampede Reporter

Flying into the night to an unknown world is not something we all get to experience, but for junior Isabelle Weidmann, she got to experience it first-hand.

                “It was night when I flew in and I saw all the lights. It was really open, and I could tell it was a big city,” she said.

                Weidmann is one of the 10 foreign exchange students CMR has had this past school year. She said that “the school’s easier” and we have “so many different types of sweets.” Though on the plane to the U.S., she found that the language was the hardest to understand.

                “I was sitting next to a guy on the plane here, and he kept asking me questions and I didn’t know how to respond to them, but I’ve gotten better since,” Weidmann said.

                Ever since Weidmann left her hometown of Stuttgart in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, she has had many enjoyable experiences here in the United States, but she misses doing what she loves back in Germany.

                “My hobby would probably have to be badminton. We played every Wednesday. We basically walked everywhere; there was no club or extra-curricular involved,” she said.

                Though she has to go back to her home country, Weidmann said she has memories that will last forever.

                “I love hanging with friends, and we went shopping,” Weidmann said. “I’ll miss everyone when I leave.”