CMR student aspires to be skateboarder


Hanging out in class, freshman Jacob Erickson takes a breather from working on a worksheet.

Tanner Gliko, staff writer

Some students come to school to hang out with friends or participate in the school activities. But for freshman Jacob Erickson, his favorite part of school is reading and learning.
Erickson said that he enjoys reading about various scientists such as Galileo, Copernicus, and Plato in his Foundations of Science class. He also enjoys his studies in health class.

He said that he learns multiple valuable lessons in his health class, including “not to do drugs and stuff like that.”

Erickson’s favorite hobby is art, but he said his coolest memory has nothing to do with that. Instead, he remembers rafting on the Flathead River at Glacier with his dad and other family.

“I went on a river that I’ve never been on. We went whitewater rafting,” he said.

If Erickson had the opportunity to pick any one thing he could do, he said it would be skateboarding. He wants to be like Sean White, his idol, because “he does lots of tricks. I would like to learn how to skateboard.”