Poofy hair displays big personality


Katelyn Smith, Staff writer

Embracing his personality, Brandon Rogers scores a goal with his blue flowing poof.

“Most people can tell who I am by my glowing, flowing poof,” Rogers said, gesturing to his hair.

Rogers is a sophomore at C.M. Russell High School this year. His hobbies consist of playing soccer and being in band. Rogers started playing soccer when he was just 12 years old.

“I’m not on a team. I only played for fun, like in elementary school,” Rogers said.

He admits, however, that his poofy hair gets in the way while he’s playing soccer.

“I’ve been growing out my hair for a couple years now,” he said. “I’m always afraid to get it trimmed because it’s so hard to work with.”

Rogers’s blonde curly locks are one of the many features that make him a unique individual. Dying it blue set him up for trouble, however.

“The principal almost suspended me for dying it blue, claiming it was distracting,” Rogers said.

Another hobby makes his life more musical.

“I’ve played in band since fifth grade,” Rogers said.

He plays euphonium and is currently learning and playing trombone in the Pep band. Aside from that, this is Rogers’s first year in Symphonic band. Fortunately, his flowing hair isn’t a bother while reading music.

“I love having my poof; it gives me a second personality.”