It all begins with love


Photo by unknown

Hannah Ragland, staff writer

                After travelling around the state with his five best friends, creating songs in three minutes and producing a full length album, sophomore Jacob Riddle is positive that it all began with love.

 “Barry White really inspires me,” he said.

Riddle, often referred to as “Riddle,” has been the guitarist in his band Better Words for a Farewell for the past nine months. Riddle taught himself how to play the guitar three years ago and has been performing in different bands ever since.

                “What inspires any kid? The dream, of course,” Riddle said, referring to the reason he started along the path to guitar stardom.

                After just six months of being together, Riddle’s band produced a full length record called “Real Like the Movies.” The records sold quickly at their concerts every weekend, mainly held at the 406 Club in Great Falls.

                “We’ve also played shows in Missoula and Butte, as well as a bunch of other cities.”

Better Words for a Farewell has made their name in the state of Montana by hanging out together and doing what they love most, he said.

                                With the lead singer away at college in Florida, the band is taking a short break. Riddle confessed that playing in front of live audiences is what he’ll miss most about his band.

“It’s very empowering to have five of your best friends there to help you through anything.”