CMR teacher finds new mode of transportation


Paige Maurer, Staff Writer

Vroom, Vroom goes the… Scooter?

“I wanted a motor vehicle that would also save on gas.” Physics teacher, Mike Lathrop, rides a Piaggio X9 500 around the town when the weather starts to warm up.

“It takes a long time to pay off what it’s actually worth,” Lathrop said. He said that he got the scooter in 2007 and it is just now getting its value. Lathrop also says that the difference in gas prices isn’t that much if you do the math. But Lathrop says that last summer; he only had to use one tank of gas in his actual vehicle.

“Most people that see it, they don’t think it can go very fast, but my scooter can get 100 easily,” Lathrop said. When people see him riding it, Lathrop says they never usually make any comments; they just slow down and ask questions.

“I take my scooter almost everywhere,” he said. Lathrop says that the only difficulty with the scooter is that it is in kilometers. The scooter also has a very helpful quality; a trunk that has a lot of storage space. Lathrop says that he has put 3 gallons of paint in the trunk.

“This has been one of the best investments I have ever made.”