The Biggest and Bestest Car may not exactly be the best

Although it may not be the best for off-roading, nor is it the fanciest there has ever been, sophomore Madelynn Dickhoff loves the adventure that her bright red 1981 Chevy Citation brings her each and every day.


“It’s tons of fun learning how to operate since it doesn’t have as much technology as the newer cars you usually see now, and that it requires more time to get started in the morning,” Dickhoff said.


Her optimistic attitude towards her car definitely makes the experience more enjoyable for her.


At first glance, Dickhoff was not overly impressed with the appearance of the car. It originally was sitting in a garage and was not in the best condition.


“[My grandpa] fixed it up for me and now I love it,” Dickhoff said.  “It wasn’t broken down yet. I am a fan of cars you can go off-roading and on adventures with.”