The purple flurb mobile


Photo by Deja Lacey

Deja Lacey

The 1998 Dodge Stratus is a total damage magnet. Sophomore Courtney Babbit has had to spend just about $500 in damage repairs on her first car.

“My hood was backed into by a drunk driver, my rear passenger seat was slammed into on a one way and he ripped of one off my mirrors,” Babbit said.

All of the dents in her car were made while she was in park and out of the car. Babbit is actually a very good driver, she has never been the root of any car accident.

“On the driver’s side, some other driver got to close to my car and dented the door and ripped off that mirror too,” she said.

Babbit is involved in CMR softball and one day during practice, a softball flew through her window and then two weeks after she got the front windshield fixed, the back windshield was broken.

“It was a cold day and I had to go outside to wipe  the snow off of my car and when I was whipping it off I felt something on my hand and then I realized that there was a hole,” Babbit said.

Babbit won’t replace the doors on the purple flurp because she plans on getting a new one some time soon, but regardless she appreciates her first car, dents and all.