Ema Tovson surprises fellow drivers when she’s behind the wheel

When people see a big Chevrolet Silverado driving around town, they usually imagine a teenage boy sitting behind the wheel or a big muscular guy who hasn’t gotten around to buying a new car since the one he drove in high school.

However, if you do see a blue 1979 Chevy Silverado parked in the main lot at CMR, it belongs to sophomore Ema Tovson, who stands about 5’2”.

            “My dad bought it for my brother, and I wasn’t going to say no to a vehicle, so I drive it, but I’ve grown to love it,” Tovson said.

            She is a little too small for her truck, and even though she moved the seat all the way forward she said she still needs a little help reaching the pedals. With her trusty pillows behind her, she stretches her legs out until the pedals are within reach. Everyone comments on the truck, telling her that it’s big and cute, or that they can’t believe she drives it.

            Tovson said she loves cruising around mostly for the looks people give her.

            “The looks I get are absolutely fantastic. They’re expecting some big burly guy with a beard driving and they just see me, 5’2” 100-pound me,” she said.

            People don’t really want to mess with a tank like Tovson’s truck, so she gets a nice bubble of security from cars around her when she drives.

            Even though she loves her truck, she’s been eyeing a Jeep by The Barn for a while now, and that Jeep just so happens to have something in common with her Chevy — it was born in 1979.

            “If I didn’t drive the truck, I want to have a 1979 Jeep CJ7.”