Christmas proves profitable for CMR junior Kylie Mortenson


Stephanie Mouser

Christmas morning of last year junior Kylie Mortenson walked out to her front door to find her Christmas present parked in the driveway, a 2004 Land Rover.

 “I like it because it’s awesome,” Mortenson said.

The only flaw to this perfect vehicle is the smell that protrudes from the air conditioner when turned on.

“There were dead mice in the engine and we had to take apart the engine to get them out,” she said.

There were no changes made to the car upon buying it, other than the removal of the mice.

Finding out the Land Rover is Mortenson’s second vehicle; I had to ask about the first.

Beginning a similar trend as the second vehicle, the first car was an old 1970’s ford pick-up, and couldn’t be driven anymore when a family of mice made their home in it.

“I love this car though,” she said.

Mortenson’s favorite thing to do in the Land Rover is turn up the radio really loud and jam out to either rock or pop music.

“Least favorite thing to do: double check for mice on a regular basis,” she said.

“It’s my best friend,” she said.