Anderson has big love for her big truck


It’s safe to say that the CMR parking lot is just as diverse as the students who park there.

From smart cars and smaller vehicles to trucks and minivans, the school parking lot is a perfect place to spot fascinating Rustler rides.


Among these interesting vehicles students may even notice the truck that belongs to sophomore Sammie Jo Anderson. Her beautiful, square-bodied 1980 Chevy Cheyenne with 35-inch swamper tires and 15-inch rims is a nice eye catcher.


“The day I got [the truck] I fell in love with it,”  Anderson said.


With the original 350 motor still in the truck and custom leather seats, this blue truck with red underneath is truly one of a kind.


Anderson said she and her family were lucky to have purchased the truck that way, and they had to fix only a few things.


In December, Anderson will have been the proud owner of this truck for three years.


“I will never get rid of it,” Anderson said.  “It is my truck forever.”