Student builds truck, bonds with father


Photo by Lindsey Buck.

Lindsey Buck

A wreck into a Buick Rendezvous and a two month long project were not on Junior Julie Curtis’ agenda for the school year, but she accepts the challenge gladly. After a rear-ending accident on 9th street, Curtis and her father decided that building a truck together would not only provide good bonding time, but it would also provide a “sick” new ride for Curtis to drive to school.

“We’re taking every part off of one truck and putting it on the next,” Curtis said. She and her father plan to take parts from a Mazda truck and put them on a Chevy 1975 Short Box truck. These parts include a four inch lift, 350 engine switch, overdrive transmission, and 33-inch tires. Curtis said that she knows that this will require a lot of hard work and dedication on her part.

“The hardest part is going to be switching the lift kit. If we keep going one day a week, it’ll take two or three months,” Curtis said. Curtis and her father have already gotten a jump start on their project, however. On their first day in they put tires on her new truck.

Curtis plans to put the four-wheel-drive and overdrive transmission in her truck to use during the winter, as she lives out of town. According to her, building the truck will pay off highly in the end.

“I’ll be putting my money into something worth it, and I’ll learn a lot.”