Driving 11 hours to freedom


Natasha Walker, staff writer

Sage Ellefsen had never been so excited to drive the 11 hours to Tacoma, Washington. In 11 hours she would finally have a car to drive and partly call her own. It was 11 hours to freedom. The car that would drive her to freedom is a yellow, spunky Fiat 500. Ellefsen got her car Labor Day weekend of this year and is considered a family car. She did not have a car her sophomore year, so getting a car before her junior year was a blessing. Ellefsen said her favorite feature about the car is that it’s small, yellow, and fast.

However, during the first snowfall she is a little worried about how her car will hold up. Her Fiat does not have four-wheel drive which can be risky when the first snow falls. Ellefsen says that she will be extremely careful when the season turns frosty.