Senior prefers smaller car, though tough in winter


Payton Fulbright

Senior Ryan Prosser’s car may be plain, but it means a lot to him.

 Prosser’s automotive transportation is a 2006 Honda Civic, purchased used for $12,000, that he bought in his sophomore year.

Prosser has found advantages and disadvantages in having a smaller car. He finds having a smaller car preferable for the better gas mileage, easier handling, and faster speeds.

 As with any good thing, there have to be disadvantages. When asked about these disadvantages, Prosser didn’t hesitate in naming the major one. Snow.

“It gets stuck in mounds of snow,” Prosser said. “I’m always towing it out.”

Even though snow makes winter driving hard, he prefers having smaller cars, and won’t buy a bigger vehicle next time.

Prosser says he plans on buying a new car after college. When he does, he plans on getting a similar sized car. He enjoys having a better fuel consumption rate.

Even though some people would call his car boring, it has had some excitement.

Last year, Prosser backed into a car. In the collision, he scraped his rear bumper. The other car didn’t get off so easy. The other vehicles hubcap was broken.

It sounds as if Prosser learned his lesson from his automotive mishap. It appears to have made him a more aware, more attentive, more cautious, and all around safer driver.

Having an automobile is a significant thing in any young man’s life. Prosser is a prime example of this life scenario. He takes great care and pride in his car.