Edwardo, a mixture of excitment


Kasey Volkmar sits with her beloved van, Edwardo in the CMR parking lot.

Emily Shaulis, Staff Writer

 Senior Kasey Volkmar takes pride in her Ford Windstar van. Even to the point that she named it Edwardo.

Volkmar received Edwardo during her sophomore year, and she wasn’t very pleased about it.

“I was mad because it was replacing my Monte Carlo just because the insurance was high,” Volkmar said.

Despite the fact that she misses her old Monte Carlo, Volkmar said she has had some pretty interesting moments with her van – both good and bad.

She enjoys longboarding out the door and says that her lunch runs with friends to McDonald’s are always entertaining.

Volkmar said that the worst moments in her van are when freshmen get ahold of her samari sword that she keeps in there.

“They are irresponsible and tend to hurt each other. I am not liable,” Volkmar said.

All in all, Volkmar loves Edwardo and the fact that she can fit close to 10 people in her car; 17 if she takes out the seats.

She says that there is never a dull moment in her van.

“The various items throughout the entire van make it impossible to be bored.”