Tempermental car gives senior trouble


Mandi Monroe

Senior, Aubrey Harris, gave three words to describe her white Mazda: twitchy, temperamental and boxy. Harris acquired it from some of her mom’s friends for free when her friends moved. Harris’s car can now be distinguished as the one with the ‘smoking bunny sticker’ on the gas tank opener.

“My brother put it on there; it’s supposed to represent wisdom. It’s from some canoe company,” said Harris.

As for the car being temperamental, Harris recalls a time when she was working really late one night at her job and her car would not start when she was trying to leave for the night.

“But when I called my dad and he came to tow it, the car started right away,” said Harris.

“It’s temperamental. This car decides when it starts and when the windshield wipers work, not me.”