Little truck, big name


Joey Serido, staff writer

“Brock Osweiler” is an interesting name for a pick-up truck and for Junior Blaize Wegner it has more personal meaning.

“My family personally knows the 6 foot 8 inch Denver Broncos quarterback.” Wegner said. Osweiler, who has played with the Broncos since 2010 is a family cousin, Wegner said. The story behind the truck involves Wegner  being a wise guy and naming the truck Brock because it is not a large truck.

His truck is a purple, stick-shift  1994 Ford Ranger XL. The truck has had two previous drivers, both teenagers.

“The guy I bought it from said both previous drivers learned to drive it in about 15 minutes in the Smiths’ parking lot” he said. He said he suspects that the tender clutch and sticky gear shift it has are a result of them grinding gears and shifting poorly in it.

He plans on driving “Brock” until he can afford to buy a newer vehicle Wegner said.  Wegner’s dream car is something completely different though.

 “My dream car is a 1978 Datsun 280Z. I swear that thing can go at least 100 miles per hour.”

Blaize and his dad took his dad’s Datsun 280Z out on Interstate 15 a few months ago and it hit at least 100 miles per hour at one point, he said.