Senior’s car shows off groovy style


Keeli Telleen

If you see a bluish-green van decked out in peace signs and flower stickers driving around CMR, don’t worry. You haven’t been time warped, it’s just Kalyn Thomas.

Thomas calls her mysterious machine Big Bertha.

“She’s kind of a jerk because the heater doesn’t work, and the windshield is cracked, but she gets decent gas mileage,” she said.

Thomas says the van is a hand-me-down.

“My vehicle is as old as I am,” she said. “My mom has had it since I was born.”

What does the driver of such a van listen to? Well, The Beatles of course. Thomas also lists modern musicians such as Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and The Black Keys as some of her favorites. Given the peaceful exterior of the vehicle, it only seems fitting that the mood should be just as laid back on the stereo inside.

Anyone who knows Thomas would agree that the flowery Chevy Van fits her personality perfectly.  “We’re essentially the same thing,” she said with a smile.