Rustler jets through snow with Volkswagen Jetta


Tanner Gliko, staff writer

For junior Claire Knox, learning to drive Wolfie, her Volkswagen Jetta (Wolfsburg edition), meant learning to drive a stick shift.

“It was really frustrating at first because it’s really different from driving an automatic,” Knox said.

However, now that she is used to it, Knox said that her car is fun to drive and that it has a lot of pep.

“It’s more fun to drive than any other automatic car I’ve ever driven,” she said.

This Christmas, Knox’s great aunt gave her eyelashes that she could put on her car’s headlights. After she manually wrapped them around a pencil and curled them, she simply had to put them on the car like stickers.

“Now it looks like my car has pretty eyelashes.”

Knox said that if not for Wolfie, travel between home and school would be a lot more difficult.

“Especially when the weather gets bad, my car and I are like a team,” Knox said.

A good memory that Knox has with the car is plowing through snowdrifts that were almost as tall as the car, which made her feel awesome.

“My car is awesome, and I feel awesome driving it.”