Doug Darko

He wakes up in the morning and walks through the doors experiencing the best part of his day; saying “Hello” to the students and faculty of CMR.

Doug Darko is one of the freshman Health and P.E. teachers who like many of the staff at CMR few students know much about.

He tends to be very open when it comes to sharing his stories.

“I might be too open at times,” Darko said.

He can laugh at himself, however, and finds it to be the best thing in others.

Darko is also the head Cross Country coach at CMR, and much of his life has revolved around track.

When Darko was in high school he had a friend who was a motivational person in his life. His friend was the person who talked Darko into going out for the track team.

“He was very inspirational,” Darko said of his friend. “My life would have been totally different,” Darko said.

Unfortunately, during his sophomore year his friend died in a car accident.

Darko then started his track career, allowing him to work toward a scholarship for college.

It was here where one of his most impactful moments happened when he ran against Steve Perfontaie-one of the fastest runners in the world at that time.

“It’s not often that you get to do that,” Darko said of the experience.

Much of Darko’s life has changed him, and he lives his life based upon those experiences.

“Live each day as if it’s your last.”